KidStuff Public Relations Still Gets A Thrill, After 25 Years, In Announcing The Newest Playthings For Tots, Tweens and Teens; Here Are Nine!

Black Earth, WI (March 19, 2019) – Childhood lasts just a few precious years so the toys and accessories parents pick should reap big benefits. Problem solving, cause and effect, nurturing creativity and boosting self-esteem can all be gained through play. KidStuff Public Relations, experts on childhood products, celebrates 25 years of showcasing what’s new to eager parents and grandparents. In 2019 they are delighted to introduce nine clients with the newest products for raising a well-rounded child.

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Arts and crafts, baking and butterflies are conversation starters to introduce Eggmazing, Island Genius and Insect Lore. No messy dyes or unpleasant smells are the hallmark of Eggmazing’s battery-operated decorators. The original Eggmazing is packaged with 8 colorful markers to design the most artistic eggs for the annual backyard hunt. What could be more joyous than the smell of cookies baking in the oven, waiting to be decorated? Island Genius’ newest brand, Hapinest, introduces four boxed baking sets with whimsical themes of Snowman, Fox, Unicorn and Bunny. For 50 years kids have been mesmerized by the metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a butterfly thanks to Insect Lore. Over the years their innovative educational products for young learners have brought science to life on kitchen tables and in countless classrooms.

KidStuff PR welcomes, in alphabetical order, these three clients and their newest products to its 2019 roster:


The Bunny Edition of The Eggmazing Egg Decorator • Ages 3+ • $19.99
This floppy-eared version uses the same spinning action to create colorful designs on hard-boiled eggs.

Original Eggmazing Egg Decorator • Ages 3+ • $19.99
Simply touch the markers to the spinning egg to easily and quickly create gorgeous eggs!

Insect Lore

50th Anniversary Butterfly Farm • $27.99
Offering children an exciting introduction to insect metamorphosis, entomology, and life cycle learning! This kit includes a Cup of Caterpillars, a one-of-a-kind Butterfly Farm habitat and a chance to raise caterpillars!

Island Genius

Hapinest Make & Bake Cookie Set Unicorn • $36
The legendary unicorn comes to life – or should we say to mouth – when young bakers follow the enclosed recipe booklet for how-tos on unicorn, rainbow and star cookies. The horned unicorn apron is too cute for words. When ready for another, choose sets featuring Fox, Snowman or Bunny.

Who said necessity is the mother of invention? We’re not sure but two moms have created these two companies with “wow” products that kids and parents would love to receive. La GuGu is a mommy-and-me resort clothing, toy and accessory line designed with child water play in mind. The line carries matching swimsuits, resort wear for mom and child, and a water resistant doll a child can name, complete with a fill-in-the-blank birth certificate. The company name comes from a 3-year-old sibling who could not pronounce his baby sister’s name so he called her La GuGu! After a visit with her hospital-bound grandbaby, recording artist and grandmother Mae Robertson was inspired to create the Lullabuddy cube. Being able to hear lullabies calmed baby, her parents and the nurses. Now anyone, anywhere, can hear impeccably arranged lullabies with the push of a button on this sleek addition to the nursery.

KidStuff PR welcomes La GuGu’s lush line of water resistant dolls and high fashion and the gorgeous sounds of Robertson’s award-winning Lullabuddy:

La Gugu

La GuGu Doll • Ages 3+ •
Bring your doll to the beach or pool and make a splash wearing a beautiful matching doll-and-me (and Mommy too!) bathing suit! Measuring 15” tall, this long-haired playmate boasts real hair that won’t tangle or get damaged from the sun! Fill out the doll’s birth certificate and passport with the name you create! Congratulations on your adoption!


Lullabuddy • $60 • Newborn+
Lullabuddy requires no Internet, no downloading, and can play for up to 18 hours when fully charged or continuously when plugged in. Lullabuddy has a shuffle setting and a one-hour timer. It is Bluetooth® enabled to play music from other devices. The high-resolution music files were remastered just for the speaker to produce outstanding fidelity.

Cuddly plush and cards are two childhood favorites that everyone in the house can enjoy. A huggable plush is the appeal of the Moosh-Moosh brand that’s fun to pronounce and comforting to smush. Two playing card companies — Ok2Win and Oh Fruck! — offer edu-taining rounds of play. Shuffle and deal a round of cards to bring out the friendly competitive streak from Grandpa with the grandkids.

KidStuff PR welcomes these three toymakers to its 2019 clientele:


Moosh-Moosh Hooded Blankets • $19.99
It’s a hood, a blanket and a pillow in one. Keep toasty indoors with one of six styles. Each folds into a soft pillow. Mix or match with the Moosh-Moosh line of Slipperz.

Moosh-Moosh Series 3 Plushies • $14.99 (Large)
Best described as plush with a marshmallow-like texture, these pillow pals offer comfort, cuddles and company to tots, tweens and college coeds.


BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE • Ages 8+ • $14.99
A dynamic matching game with an explosive twist!

3UP 3DOWN® • Ages 7+ • $9.99
A fast-paced discard game with a surprising finish!

Oh Fruck!

Oh Fruck! • Ages 12+ • $19.99
Give kids permission to pronounce this carefully spelled adjective. This raucous card game combines strategy with special rules that change every time you play.

Special needs kids will adore BizyBeez line of MagStix that promotes calmness, focus and of course, fun. The safe, sturdy building set pieces are easy to grip and squeeze. The 41-piece MagStix Set won the hard-to-win Parents’ Choice Recommended seal. Even more special is the 20% net profit of each set sold that is donated to a charity that supports special-needs children or humanitarian efforts around the globe!


MagStix Sensory Magnetic Toys Building Set • $69.99
Looking for a sensory toy that will engage your child while fostering cognitive development? The BizyBeez MagStix 41-Piece set features magnetized sticks and colorful metal balls that can be combined in an endless variety of ways with a simple click. MagStix Jumbo size makes them easy to grip and provide a proprioceptive input that is pleasing to both spectrum and sensory kids.

Discover all of these childhood products in one spot at KidStuffPR.com. Follow them on what’s new in the world of kids on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest.

Read the press release as a PDF


Celebrating its 25th Anniversary: 1994 – 2019
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