Ozobot is an educational robot crossing over the toy, educational and tech markets, therefore we were seeking a solid PR agency anchored in the toy and mom industry that could also handle tech media. Several industry players and mainstream media editors suggested we consider Lisa.

We reached out to Lisa and our first conversation was a breath of fresh air. She was sharp and straight forward, yet pleasant.

We hired Lisa Oct 1st during a challenging Q4 period to help us launch our products into the marketplace. Orman immediately turned around major mom blogs, lifestyle and tech influencers placements and produced nearly 400 significant media hits in a period of 3 months. It resulted in direct sales increase and successful brand launch. Lisa also amassed several industry awards for Ozobot.

Orman’s agency is a boutique powerhouse, reliable, hardworking and result driven. No fluff, no waste of time nor budget.

Anouk Zisa, VP Marketing, Ozobot

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