Dee Farrell Senior Vice President of Neat-Oh!

KidStuff PR has a reputation for having great contacts with media that moms read and watch, and Lisa is known for being creative, trustworthy, fair and honest. We’ve been wanting to work with Lisa and KidStuff for a while but finally decided to take the plunge this year because our new Magnutto™ line is so strong and newsworthy and we wanted to give it everything we could to make it a success.

Lisa indeed has proven to be reliable, provides us with great advice and perspective, and the agency’s writing is exceptionally strong. Since starting to work with KidStuff PR we’ve had loads of comments from reporters, folks in the trade and other manufacturers telling us how smart we are to choose to partner with the agency! We are very happy with the coverage we are getting.

Dee Farrell, Senior VP of Neat-Oh! and ASTRA Board Member

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