KidStuff PR Congratulates Its Five Seal of Approval Toymakers: Piccoli Horses, Pop-Oh-Ver, Reindeer In Here, Sharingland and Skullduggery

Black Earth, WI (August 29, 2018) – Five toymakers on KidStuff Public Relations’ whimsical roster each received good news from The National Parenting Center, America’s leading parent advocacy organization. Heading into the all-important Holiday 2018 shopping season, each client was tapped as a must-have or ingenious plaything that’s powered by imagination — a refreshing switch for today’s plugged-in youth. The products ranged from indoor playsets and playhouses to a familiar Santa’s helper to a glow-in-the-dark racetrack.

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“I call this the “Ps” and “Rs” of my clients,” laughs Lisa Orman, President of KidStuff PR, describing the plush, the playsets and the racetracks touted by The National Parenting Center. She personally congratulated Piccioli Horses, Pop-Oh-Ver, Reindeer In Here, Sharingland and Skullduggery. The PR agency is beloved by clients, manufacturer and industry execs for its hands-on personalized approach to promoting juvenile products. The agency is very particular about the companies it chooses to work with, so not surprisingly, the results, year after year, are an overflow of national toy awards.

The five clients taking home six The National Parenting Center Seal of Approval honors are listed in alphabetical order, with a snippet of the glowing reviews:


Classic 14” Plush • $30 • Ages 3+ PICCOLI HORSES Classic 14” Plush • $30 • Ages 3+
The National Parenting Center Seal of Approval Winner Fall 2018

“Piccoli Horses are soft, high-quality plush toys, that impressed our parent testers, many of whom told us that they stand out in the sea of plush toys. The stuffed animal itself is very well made. The feet are weighted and it is well stuffed so that the horse is quite soft but can still stand up on its legs. The horses come in multiple colors with the option of two different saddles. But these aren’t just plush horses. They also feature an interactive component. Each Piccoli horse comes with a code hidden in its saddle and that code can be ‘redeemed’ on their website to learn your horse’s name. You can also add a ‘barn’ name or nickname for the horse. Afterward you can have a certificate either emailed or mailed to your child… there is terrific imagination play waiting for your child who, if they love horses, will fall hard for this one.”



Pop-Oh-Ver Stove Set and Pop-Oh-Ver Counter Top Set • $39.95 each • Ages 3+Pop-Oh-Ver Stove Set and Pop-Oh-Ver Counter Top Set • $39.95 each • Ages 3+
The National Parenting Center Seal of Approval Winner Fall 2018

“The Pop-Oh-Ver Stove & Kitchen Counter Sets are an ingenious idea for people who do not have space for a traditional kitchen set. The set consists of one thick canvas fabric piece that fits over a flat backed chair… It inspires and encourages role play while keeping set up and mess to a minimum. That simple set up and the included instructions are quite easy to follow. The portability makes it perfect for storage and for travel. There are two versions, one is the kitchen countertop for food prep and the other is the stove and microwave. The ‘stove’ and ‘microwave’ actually open and close using heavy magnets and there are thick plastic envelopes inside both for your child to place the play food for ‘cooking.’ Parents felt this innovative idea that is also an imagination station, stood out for them based on its unique ability to operate in small spaces, all while maintaining an exceptionally fun and sweet opportunity for role play.”

Pop-Oh-Ver Deluxe Kitchen Set • $29.95 • Ages 3+Pop-Oh-Ver Deluxe Kitchen Set • $29.95 • Ages 3+
The National Parenting Center Seal of Approval Winner Fall 2018

“This 12-piece toy kitchen accessory set includes all the pots and pans your little cooks will need to become fabulous pretend chefs. Most of the pieces are made of sturdy stainless steel so you can wash in the sink or stick them in the top rack of the dishwasher. The kick here is that you can use all the parts with real food. Yes, they are food grade! The quality of the assortment and the variety of accessories it includes for such a reasonable price point really impressed testers. It was clear from the outset that the set is designed to withstand the test of time, and it has a fantastic realistic look. Kids will feel like grown-ups using the same accessories as mom or dad. This set comes with a whisk, spatula, strainer spoon, ladle, wooden spoon, dutch oven with lid, saucepan, skillet, bowl, colander, and an oven mitt. The size of the pots, pans and utensils are larger than most sets, but still light enough for small hands to use. Finally, the fact that the set is distinctly gender neutral was seen as a big plus.”


Reindeer In Here Plush & Book Set • All Ages • $29.99Reindeer In Here Plush & Book Set • All Ages • $29.99
The National Parenting Center Seal of Approval Winner Fall 2018

“As the holidays approach, many families get ready to welcome the familiar and mischievous Elf on the Shelf. For those ready to change things up, Reindeer In Here offers a cute, loving and stress-free alternative to help you celebrate the magic of Christmas throughout the month of December. The Reindeer arrives in early December, and will stay with your family until Santa comes on Christmas Eve. The Reindeer leaves with Santa that night, but will return eleven months later. This cute and cuddly Reindeer is meant to be interacted with, moved by the children, taken anywhere and cuddled with. The Reindeer’s mission is to help Santa get to know each child better, so that he can deliver each child’s true Christmas wishes. Parents couldn’t wait to embrace a new, positive and refreshing tradition. The reasonably priced kit comes in a beautiful box and includes a book introducing the Reindeer tradition to your children, as well as the cute Reindeer plush…”


Grand Palace, Space Odyssey & Epic Castle • Ages 3+ • $99.99Grand Palace, Space Odyssey & Epic Castle • Ages 3+ • $99.99
The National Parenting Center Seal of Approval Winner Fall 2018

“This playhouse is a perfect toy for any child who gravitates to and embraces pretend play… Each playhouse is sturdy and beautifully made using high quality recycled cardboard and featuring graphics that are bright and colorful. The variety of included themed accessories help round out the imagination play. Parents loved how sturdy the sets felt. The cardboard surface is smooth and has a slight sheen to it making the playhouse easy to wipe down if dirty/sticky hands give it some love. The playhouses themselves are big, measuring approximately 44 inches tall and 44 inches wide. They provide adequate space for three young kids inside. This playhouse is perfect to use when you don’t have the space to leave a permanent playhouse up. Whether you have a small patio, limited floor space inside, or just don’t want a sizeable permanent playhouse, this is ideal because it’s so simple to set up and take down… The best part is watching children take to the experience like fish to water, excitedly assuming roles and letting the magic of imagination and role-playing whisk them away.”


Max Flex RC 300 Combo Edition • $99.99 • Ages 6+SKULLDUGGERY Max Flex RC 300 Combo Edition • $99.99 • Ages 6+
The National Parenting Center Seal of Approval Winner Fall 2018

“Skullduggery has done it again. Expanding their Max Flex RC Line they have created a racing set that is easy to set up, provides hours of fun play, is customizable, and looks totally cool. Once you see the track lit up with lightning streaks, especially when you turn off all the lights, you will be blown away. This is no Hot Wheels track, not even close. Parents were delighted at how intuitive the building process was even though there are no specific directions per se. Right out of the box you and your children are in control of what you want your race track to be. Several testers reported that no matter how nicely their track turned out and how fun the racing was they still wanted more! More tracks, more cars, more ramps, all so they could build an even bigger, cooler layout. It’s not that anything is lacking in this great set, but given the cool factor and the fun it provides it still leaves you wanting more. Once the sets were built and the first races run, parents told us that their kids couldn’t wait to share it with their friends.”

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Founded in 1994, KidStuff PR is a virtual public relations agency headquartered in Madison, WI with senior PR practitioners located across the country. The firm represents toy manufacturers and services and retailers for children and families. The company only takes on clients for whom founder Lisa Orman and her staff have a true passion for their products and services. It helps them do a better job, care more and it makes work more rewarding… literally. For more information or to contact KidStuff Public Relations, visit their website at or call 608-767-1102.

KidStuff PR Congratulates Its Five Seal of Approval Toymakers: Piccoli Horses, Pop-Oh-Ver, Reindeer In Here, Sharingland and Skullduggery

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