Lisa Orman ASTRA article-Coping with Business Impacts of COVID-19

Coping with Business Impacts of COVID-19

The article “Coping with Business Impacts of COVID-19” by Lisa Orman, President of KidStuff Public Relations and ASTRA Board Member, was featured on the American Specialty Toy Retailing Association (ASTRA) Blog.

Small businesses and locally-owned toy shops are extremely impacted by the coronavirus. If you need toys, games or puzzles for your kids who are stuck at home, please consider contacting your local toy store and supporting them. They are getting very creative to help meet their customers’ needs during this time. This article gives some examples of their creativity. Read more…

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Helpful Hints To Conquer Two Weeks (Or More) Of Social Distancing, The New Normal For Kids And The Grownups Who Love Them

(March 16, 2020) – In every generation, kids have gravitated to a stuffed animal, a security blanket, a favorite story in times of stress. These welcomed childhood passions gave comfort once the lights turned off or when feeling sad. Never has there been a better time for kids to maintain their childhood innocence and peace of mind with toys or stories than now. KidStuff PR, play experts for over 25 years, have some tips for ordering toys & games, podcasts and crafts online to keep fear, sadness and yes, boredom at bay.

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Parents and grandparents have been watching the spread of COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus, across the globe and in their states. The new normal in many neighborhoods is to stay home for days or weeks avoiding school, religious services, movie theatres or Spring Break vacations.

Almost everyone has experienced a Snow Day or Hurricane Day when things briefly shut down. Kids even look forward to a day off or two! Today’s news is different. But coping as a kid is not. Let’s keep the child in childhood as long as we can with these playthings and past-times that spark play and imagination.

Media and mom bloggers have been asking KidStuff PR President Lisa Orman to recommend some boredom busters to their readers. Orman is also a Board Member of ASTRA, the American Specialty Toy Retailing Association, giving her an extra layer of knowledge in the toy market. Her initial reaction was “stay calm and hug a Moosh-Moosh,” one of a series of plush pals that won a national award as a Top Sensory Toy from Autism Live. Kids on the spectrum found the plush profoundly calming. We could all use a little playful lift and calming toy right about now.

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Toy Times Magazine article by Lisa Orman

Not Just a Pretty Package

Not Just a Pretty PackageThe article “Not Just a Pretty Package” by Lisa Orman, President of KidStuff Public Relations, was featured in the February, 2020 issue of ASTRA Toy Times Magazine.

“It’s widely known an accepted that the packaging wrapped around a toy or game tucked inside can make or break the sales success of the product. We asked some ASTRA manufacturers about their path to package development. What criteria do manufacturers use in designing packaging? It’s an interesting process.” Read more…

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Parents Can Help Avoid The Summer Brain Drain With Card Games Involving Math, Building Blocks Using Circuitry And Hands-On Metamorphosis Kits!

Black Earth, WI (April 26, 2019) – Two words that parents never want to hear this summer as kids transition from their hectic school schedule to the mellow pace of summer days…I’m Bored! KidStuff Public Relations, promoters of great children’s products since 1994, suggests a gathering a summer toy box full edu-taining pleasures that will keep hands and minds mesmerized. Might we suggest “building” butterflies or a radio from electronic blocks!

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KidStuff PR Congratulates Its Five Seal of Approval Toymakers: Piccoli Horses, Pop-Oh-Ver, Reindeer In Here, Sharingland and Skullduggery

Black Earth, WI (August 29, 2018) – Five toymakers on KidStuff Public Relations’ whimsical roster each received good news from The National Parenting Center, America’s leading parent advocacy organization. Heading into the all-important Holiday 2018 shopping season, each client was tapped as a must-have or ingenious plaything that’s powered by imagination — a refreshing switch for today’s plugged-in youth. The products ranged from indoor playsets and playhouses to a familiar Santa’s helper to a glow-in-the-dark racetrack.

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“I call this the “Ps” and “Rs” of my clients,” laughs Lisa Orman, President of KidStuff PR, describing the plush, the playsets and the racetracks touted by The National Parenting Center. She personally congratulated Piccioli Horses, Pop-Oh-Ver, Reindeer In Here, Sharingland and Skullduggery. The PR agency is beloved by clients, manufacturer and industry execs for its hands-on personalized approach to promoting juvenile products. The agency is very particular about the companies it chooses to work with, so not surprisingly, the results, year after year, are an overflow of national toy awards.

The Numbers Behind the Report

ASTRA Blog Article by Lisa Orman of KidStuff Public Relations Explains How Data Can Help Drive Sound Decisions for Specialty Toy Retailer Accounts

In an effort to identify opportunities for manufacturers, I read and analyzed the latest ASTRA Retailer Benchmarking Survey report and data from a specialty manufacturer’s perspective. What did the data and numbers present?

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In an effort to identify opportunities for manufacturers, I read and analyzed the latest ASTRA Retailer Benchmarking Survey report and data from a specialty manufacturer’s perspective. What did the data and numbers present?

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