the Bloom Report Person of the Week Lisa Orman of KidStuff PR

The Bloom Report Person of the Week – Lisa Orman Founder and President of KidStuff Public Relations

the Bloom Report Person of the Week is Lisa Orman of KidStuff PRLisa Orman, President of KidStuff Public Relations, was selected as Person of the Week in the Bloom Report (June 26, 2020) by ChiTAG – Chicago Toy & Game Week.

“When KidStuff PR founder Lisa Orman started her PR agency 26 years ago, she was becoming a mother for the first time and was faced with educating herself about the many services and products available for children and families. She discovered that many of the most innovative and wonderful products were made by smaller companies, so she decided to dedicate herself to helping these smaller players in the toy & game industry build awareness among consumers via media. That’s still her passion and joy.” Read more…

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