The article “Look for these Toy Trends in 2023” by Lisa Orman, President of KidStuff Public Relations, was featured in the February, 2023 issue of ASTRA Toy Times Magazine.

Look for these Toy Trends in 2023

KidStuff PR president Lisa Orman enjoyed interviewing these brilliant toy trend watchers for this article “Look for these Toy Trends in 2023” in the February, 2023 issue of Toy Times Magazine.

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I asked some of my favorite toy experts what they see as top trends for the coming year, and here’s what they said:

Sandy Ruben, president of Sandy Ruben and Associates
‘Axolotl’ was Rubin’s quick response. Axolotl a plush reptile made in different colors but primarily pinks, by the likes of Squishmal- low, Build-a-Bear, Jellycat and more. I hadn’t heard of it but if you Google it, you’ll see lots of results!

Christopher Byrne, Byrne Communications, Inc./ The Toy Guy®
Gen Z Emerges
With the oldest Gen Z group turning 26 in 2023, some of them are beginning to have children, and their perceptions about consumption are going to impact the toy business.

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