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Working Towards a More Inclusive and Diverse Toy Industry

I’m starting with our influencer database

Toy Times Magazine coverThe article “Working Towards a More Inclusive and Diverse Toy Industry” by Lisa Orman, President of KidStuff Public Relations, was featured in the latest issue of ASTRA Toy Times Magazine.

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“During this time of social unrest and many of us becoming more aware of systemic racism in our society, I became aware that the group of vetter bloggers and influence my agency works with are mostly white.

I’m not OK with that.

This wasn’t by design or by intention, but was the result of basing our decision on whether to work with them largely on the number of Followers, Likes and Comments their channels and posts had. Eyeballs people!

Of course, we looked at content quality too, but really only after they met the metrics. I’ve heard from plenty of families of color with an lnstagram channel or blog, but we’ve turned most of them down because they fall way below our criteria. “
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